Good to Keep in Mind


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  1. linus r. says:

    I really like the sales pitch advertisement:

    “Cute. Cuddly. Capable of rending the fabric of space and time itself. It’s H.P. Lovecraft’s Elder God himself, Cthulhu, rendered as a plush doll! The Great “Cuddly” Cthulhu features a face full of tentacles, poseable wired wings, and floppy limbs. “

  2. necronomicon says:

    Not bad, considering…check out this cthulhu flash game

  3. marc says:

    That looks like a cool game, thanks for sending it. My brain has never wrapped itself properly around card based games, but this looks compelling.

  4. DemonGithara says:

    Me either. You like Myst, so what other types of games do you like? You wrote some of the plot for L4D, correct? I bought 1&2, but I would like games which depict enemies that are not human at all, or even less human than zombie, or actually, how about a rebirth of intellectual games. It makes you trance on killing people if you are watching yourself blow up humans, you know. Not very decent at all….. But, I did my time in hell. I say why not encourage us peasants to be even more than just murders and Rambo clones. You ever notice how Gordon never speaks? I love that, reminds me of that movie “The Message.” You’d see Mohammad through the first person perspective of the camera, and people would talk at him, but he’d never reply. So they would call him a messiah, because when he wrote, or whispered, he say profound, divine things. This is why he went through the caves and mountains, like another wounded healer, called Christ. I am Cherokee. I also live in caves and on mountains, sometimes, and I go there like all wizards, with eyes wide open. Considering your caliber of scribing, you should influence us differently in the future, and in all you future endeavors, good luck.

  5. DemonGithara says:

    Maybe I took too much larva extract, but that’s what I see, O great, mighty Scribe

  6. DemonGithara says:

    Oh, and big thumbs Up, way UP for PORTAL!!!

  7. DemonGithara says:

    Okay I’m spamming again, sorry, I’ll go listen to some Dylan “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” *winks*

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