Bronzemurder vs. Oggez Rashas: An Illustrated Tale Out of Dwarf Fortress

An amazing illustrated account of Dwarf Fortress.

Let me add that I have gotten partly through the detailed tutorial, may never actually play this game, but I still enjoy the stories it generates…and this is beautifully illustrated as well.

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  1. DemonGithara says:

    Never heard of that game. I’m curious to how much of a gamer you are. Casual, hardcore, or what?

  2. marc says:

    Well, it is how I make a living. I try to play as many as I can without burning out.

  3. demongithara says:

    You make the best stories for games. I’m so in love with the characters and plots you design!

    This game has an auto-script generator for stories? With enough refinement, human’s may have some competition with that technology, lol.

    I like games a lot, but none of the ones coming out these days seem that appealing. I cannot wait until portal 2 and episode 3 come out, like the other billion fans out there XD I hope Dr. Kliener isn’t going any where soon, because I really like him, and that cool voice actor prolly needs work too.

    I stay alive just to see that day, no matter what real life throws at me.
    Also, I read that story about the tenderloin to an elderly friend of mine, and he really enjoyed it a lot, as did I, the second time around.

    Thanks Marc for being the awesome guy that you are and giving so many people great dreams! You are so freaking cool.

  4. marc says:

    You know, you can go see Hal Robins (Dr Kleiner) in San Francisco. He performs in nightclubs as Dr. Howl. I’ll see if I can find some links for upcoming shows and post them here. If you liked that Tenderloin article about Fritz Leiber, I’m happy to say that “Horrible Imaginings,” the story I wrote about, is finally in print again: Fritz Leiber, Selected Stories, edited by Jonathan Strahan and Charlie Brown, is just out from Nightshade; it’s a cornerstone story in the collection.

  5. marc says:

    I don’t require stories of all games. Enjoying the world counts for a lot, and sometimes that’s purely the result of atmosphere. Right now I’m just getting into Monster Hunter Tri, for instance; there’s really no story to speak of. Cool cats, big monsters, obscurely rewarding grinding.

  6. demongithara says:

    I’ll have to check this stuff out, thanks Marc XD

  7. demongithara says:

    Hal is really cool by the way, and as weird as they come. I’ve seen some of his old school videos awhile back were he was doing this strange religious guru shtick. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

  8. demongithara says:

    Monster hunter tri looks freaking awesome! X)))

  9. demongithara says:

    I sent him an email asking if Hal will do any more shows, and I found out where he did it for about five years, and he did a radio show for 25 years, but the last show was in December last year :(

    Someone claims that once he was given $50 dollars at a show and he did the 50 page “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” – all from memory. I am not so happy. Neil Degrasse Tyson was also in town recently, and I couldn’t get out to see him either….. dang it.

  10. demongithara says:

    Hal did illustrations for your book The 37th Mandala. I didn’t know that

  11. marc says:

    Hal used to stand on the deck of the ship that drove around Burning Man, reciting Ancient Mariner while people dined. I think the ship hit and killed someone and the drive/sails may have stopped.

  12. demongithara says:

    LOL, you made me laugh at something inappropriate.

  13. celestica says:

    did you come up with g-man? what inspired him?

  14. marc says:

    Hi, I can’t answer Valve related questions on my personal website. Sorry.

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